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A community for like minded sports enthusiasts

What do we do at WINNING NOTE

We are a group of sports enthusiasts, who loves playing all kinds of indoor and outdoor games, like Cricket, Football, Badminton and computer games like CS etc. However, many a times we are unable to find a suitable team to play against, and we have to either scrap the match or play amongst ourselves, which can become boring after some time. We realise that there are many other players out there, who likes to play but face similar kinds of situations and problems.

We therefore decided to create a platform, where your team can find other teams in your own city or even outside your region to play against. This would provide an opportunity for teams to easily find and schedule matches with other teams to play against. We are trying to build an active and enthusiastic sports community, where everyone can bond, discuss, show off their achivements, however small or great they may be and positively contribute towards developing a healthy and vibrant sports culture.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a sports enthusiasts, and has a team of your own, join us and get the opportunity to become the best sports team.

Most Favourite Games at Winning Note


Cricket is one of the most popular games played passionately across more than 10 countries. If you are passionate about Cricket and like playing those killer straight drives gorgeous hooks, register your team with us and find other teams in your region, you can challenge and play against.


A very popular game, played all over the world with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The sheer teamwork, energy and determination involved in this game is phenomenal. If you are part of a football team, register your team with us and find other awesome team to play against.


Counter Strike is one of the most widely played computer game, among scores of tech graduates. If you are an engineer or someone who really have interest towards computer games, you must have played CS at least once. If you are a passionate CS player, register your team with us and challenge other teams to play against.


Volleyball is a game of great passion, energy and skill. As soon as the ball is hit, it is all about momentum, energy and clever skills. If you like to play this exhilarating sport and have a team of your own, register with us and find other teams in your area to play with.


Basketball is one of the most exhilarating game, involving sheer skill, energy and determination. The momentum that is built into the game and the level of passion involved is simply mind blowing and phenomenal. If you are passionate about Basketball, register with us with your team and find some amazing teams to play against


A game of utmost skill and determination, Badminton is played and loved by people everywhere. The cleverness, skill and energy displayed in the game is always a thrill and exciting to watch. If you love playing Badminton, register with us and find other players to play against.